These Magnificent Miles: On the Long Road With Red Wanting Blue


These Magnificent Miles, the eighth full-length album by Red Wanting Blue, received an independent release on September 16, 2008. After the band signed a three-album deal with Fanatic Records, it received a national re-release on July 27, 2010. This re-release was highlighted by the radio single “Where You Wanna Go.”

Working with producer Jamie Candiloro (Ryan Adams, Willie Nelson, REM), founding member Scott Terry strove to create a record that captured the energy of a live Red Wanting Blue concert. These Magnificent Miles, as the title suggests, is an album dedicated to life on the road.

The critics agreed that this “stunning” (The Cleveland Scene) “studio-polished gem of emotion-driven music” (The Athens Post) was “nothing short of brilliant” (

Buy These Magnificent Miles AlbumTracks include:
01.  Gravity (4:23)
02.  You Are My Las Vegas (3:43)
03.  Where You Wanna Go (4:00)
04.  The World Is Over (3:18)
05.  Finger In The Air (4:00)
06.  Red Ryder (4:12)
07.  The Air I Breathe (4:24)
08.  New Cool (2:58)
09.  Probably Nothing (4:36)
10.  U.S. Bumper Sticker (3:25)
11.  Space Time (4:16)
12.  The Band (9:54)