These Magnificent Miles: On the Long Road With Red Wanting Blue


Red Wanting Blue Mark McCulloughMark McCullough (born in Rochester, NY on February 19, 1976) is the bassist and multi-instrumentalist  for the band Red Wanting Blue. Mark began playing the bass at 17 after he and some friends decided to form a band to play their favorite Rush songs. As soon as he got his first bass, Mark focused all of his free time to dedicate to teaching himself to learn how to play.  His parents were very supportive and even enrolled him in The Hochstein School of Music where Mark took lessons and joined a jazz quartet where he performed live for the first time. 

While attending The Ohio State University, Mark played quite regularly around the Columbus area, including a number of opening slots with Red Wanting Blue.  Mark quickly became friends with the band and introduced them to Mark Anderson, who would later become the bands first manager.  After graduating, Mark took a job at an insurance agency as a liability adjuster.  Feeling unfulfilled, Mark started to look into any and all possibilities to give himself a chance at making a living through music.  Right about this time, Red Wanting Blue and its original bassist were parting ways.  Being friends with Red Wanting Blue's manager,  Mark was called first about the open position.  An audition was scheduled, a few songs were played, Mark was hired on, and the rest is history.