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When Your Sun Shines in My Eyes, I Make An Ugly Face Lyrics

(Model Citizen Album - 2000)

Walkin with a love gone 
Weeping willow 
No more nose to nose on borrowed pillows 
Oh, now it's concrete beds 

It wasn't my fault bit made me shiver 
I've got tears for sale 
Now I cry me a river and oh... 
Now I'm drowning there 

And when I carved our names in the southern sky 
To show that I loved you and you loved I 
Well, oh... 
It turned me a vampire 

And after all the nights of the love sick bites 
And the heart attacks 
You came draggin back into my life 
Wanting antique love again 
Well I'm not that man 

And you promised good weather 
And it never came 
And you know it's true 
And you're way too late 
So when your sun shines second hand rays in my eyes, in my eyes 
Well I turn to make an ugly face 
We used to to back and forth and forth and back again 
Belly to belly all night 
You let my candle burn 
From both ends 
I gave you my heart 
Let your heart beat for me 
My appliance with a dead battery 
And oh... 
We were not compatible 
Wrong size 

So you shopped around 
And you thought you found a new window display to take home 
While holding me on layaway 

So now you're gone and out of my heart 
Yet you're rolling back on my pages 
Hoping to start to reread 
My novel again 
Still reading of magazine men