These Magnificent Miles: On the Long Road With Red Wanting Blue


Number 1 Fun Lyrics

(Model Citizen Album - 2000)

Everybody, body it's all 
It's all the same to you 
And everybody don't care 
Love you're gonna, gonna find I'm gonna hold you up, I will 
And it's all the same to you, to me it's all the same to you and everybody don't care 
But you're gonna be the one I love when I hold you up 
And then the night before 
The way you left the crack on the floor 
The overdose 
Well I don't even care 

We cried as we held our hands to the sky 
You gotta love this high 
And then we come down 
As our fevers rush us gently to the ground 
And now it's time to get a little bit something more overwhelming 
What's the feeling you're recommending 
Doctor, would you mind giving me double on the dosage 

Up, down, all around 
Hunting for the number one fun 

Expressions have changed from somber to deranged 
Our volume's on high 
And I hope you know that this is the time of our lives 
We can die and still survive 
And with the Radio Flyers with wings of fire 
Breakin us through to the other side 
We have created our own roller coaster ride 
We rode... 

Things just got more complicated 
Daisy I'm blind 
Cause we've lost control of what operated the governor for the hight 
Oh no 
Well I'm burnin up fast 
Runnin outta wick 
Holy shit 
Oh God I'm gonna be sick 
I need a pinprick 
Or another fix 
A reality check 

Up, down, all around 
Hunting for the number one fun