These Magnificent Miles: On the Long Road With Red Wanting Blue


Ginger (Sweet Love) Lyrics

(Model Citizen Album - 2000)

I'm falling into dangerous trends 
Is that an invitation 
A subtle move from her hand to my heart 
And she is clutching* 

Sweet love 
For the beautiful one 
But I am unaware 
She never gave me her heart 
She never gave me her heart 
In this world where we stand to fall apart 
She never gave me her heart 

Oh now just*just go away 
But she slips in 
Like a stormy afternoon daydream 
Softly blowing me away 

Can you guarantee to me 
The lowest price to be found 
For a woman* 
For a love in a world where we are built to be broken 
And can you guarantee to me 
That what is soft and without sound 
Will grow to be heard in a world where all that's love is 
Harsh and spoken 

Everybody wanted to be so crazy 
Everybody wanted to be so high 
In a world where we stand governed by the 9 to 5 
Everybody wanted to be with my lady 
Everybody wanted to touch her thigh 
But the Barbie Doll can't stand for me and mine 

Oh, no* 
Here she goes again 
She did that funny thing with her lip 
And I am lost in it again 
Oh, no* 
She's biting 

Oh, now just*just go away 
I'm lost 
In her current and my own 
Inability to pay, so* 

What a time to be alive*