These Magnificent Miles: On the Long Road With Red Wanting Blue


Red Wanting Blue Greg RahmGregory Thomas Rahm (born January 3, 1982 in Toledo, OH) is an American songwriter, musician and member of the band Red Wanting Blue.  Rahm formed his first band Empathy in 1994 while in grade school with friend/drummer Brian Kellogg.  Rahm was the lead singer, rhythm guitar player and primary songwriter for Empathy.

Rahm was raised listening to The Beatles from a very young age like millions of others.  Parents Thomas and Kathleen were very encouraging of music being a part of their son's life.  Rahm began playing his Casio keyboard at the young age of three and then picked up the saxophone in the fifth grade.  Rahm started his DJ business in junior high at the age of 12 based on his love of music, obsession with the radio, and prodding by classmates.  Shortly after, Rahm bought his first guitar for $100, taught himself to play, and a few months later Empathy was formed.

Empathy played local talent shows and festivals in Columbus, OH while attending grade school and high school (Saint Charles).  Empathy released two independent albums, Brother (2000) and My Atmosphere (2002).  Rahm focused on marketing and promoting the band while attending The Ohio State University from 2000-2005. After playing the Ohio circuit for 10 years and graduating from college, Empathy disbanded in 2004.

The relationship between Rahm and Red Wanting Blue was established in 2000 at a show in Columbus, OH.  Red Wanting Blue and Rahm quickly became friends.  Empathy was the opening act for many Ohio shows for Red Wanting Blue.  Red Wanting Blue's past manager Mark Anderson produced Empathy's 2002 album My Atmosphere.

Rahm officially joined Red Wanting Blue in 2004 opening shows acoustically for the first two months in addition to playing in the band.  Rahm plays guitar, keyboards, and sings back up vocals for Red Wanting Blue.

Besides touring and performing with Red Wanting Blue, Rahm also manages the band’s daily business and touring logistics.

In his spare time, Rahm has also been a part of recording and engineering records released by Matt Hoover and the band Sheldon Marsh.