These Magnificent Miles: On the Long Road With Red Wanting Blue


Red Wanting Blue Eric HallFrom an amusement park 80's rock-band to a college jazz ensemble, and everything in between, Eric Reed Hall Jr., born August 14, 1984 in Columbus Ohio, has been living his dream from a very young age. Shortly after mastering potty training, Eric began piano lessons and played in the family church's bell choir. Eric's love affair with rock n' roll and the electric guitar began with his father's AC/DC tape on a long family road trip. Eric received his first electric guitar at the age of 12 and the young picker joined a band with some older boys in the neighborhood. After a few house parties and a sock hop he was hopelessly in love with playing in a band and played in several bands throughout high school.

After graduating high school, Eric went to Bowling Green State University to study music. While studying jazz and singing in the Men's Chorus, Eric also played guitar in two seasons of Cedar Point's Halloweekends rock shows where he wore his first (and most likely last) pair of leather pants. During his third year of college Eric became restless in the music program. He was anxious to get out into the world and apply his knowledge of music with a group that he was passionate about.

After leaving academia, Eric played in a cover band, an acoustic duo, and an art rock band called Robots on Crack. After a year of playing shows all around Ohio, and working for his parents at the family business, Eric got a call from Red Wanting Blue. Eric jumped at the chance to play in an established band with a rigorous touring schedule and just three months later, they were in the studio recording These Magnificent Miles. Since then, Eric has embraced the RWB lifestyle, with its constant traveling, sleepless nights, broken-down buses, and endless amounts of devoted, passionate, supportive fans. Eric looks forward to recording RWB's next album and continuing the exciting journey around the country with his best friends.