Scott Terry’s Artist Statement

As I begin to write this statement in the shaky yet cozy lounge inside our bus, I realized a few things about myself that I’d like to share with those reading this.  First, it’s 3 a.m. and we are nowhere close to going to bed.  Second, the bed I will ultimately fall asleep in is also on this bus.  Third, we are headed into Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, which feels to me a lot like driving on the moon.   And fourth, I love it.

The hum of our bus along with all of the knickknacks rattling, and the steady vibrations (shaking my eyeballs so much I have a hard time reading what I am writing) are oddly comforting to me.  There is very little to this life that resembles stories of rock stars “on the road” with all of the drugs, women, and shenanigans.  In fact, those things couldn’t be further away from me right now, yet still…I would have a hard time trading this feeling.

There is something about traveling that inspires me very much. Have you ever noticed that you always feel a bit wiser and more emotionally centered coming home from a long trip?  And even though you are happy you made it home, there is a sadness that comes over you as the trip ends?  It’s as if the road brings out an honesty that tends to get lost when you’re in the same place for too long.   Just as the companions you shared your travels with are always held in some higher regard when you look back on them.

As an artist, I am fascinated by the road.  There is a romance to the circus life.  It let’s us see our lives from a different perspective.  A bird’s eye view, if you will.   It puts me in a headspace that is free from my checkered history.  It’s a space where my experiences and my inspirations trigger one another.  And I do my best to collect the remains from the collisions that occur between my heart and head, and pin them down into song.

I strive to remain as honest as I can be in the face our songs and in the telling of our stories.  I believe that honesty that carries over into our live performance.  People say we are theatrical.  I like to think that we are passionate about being honest.  Honest about all of the loss and the gains that meet us half way.  I document these things as accurately as I know how, and perform them with the same care I took upon their creating.  So hopefully, people will see our stories as we see them.  Some may see them as broken.  And others…as beautiful.  We like to see them as human.

This band is a long trip that we hope never ends.  And with a little luck, and a lot of support from the greatest fans a band could have, we hope to ride this open road like a hammer into history.  The stories and songs will keep coming.  All we ask is that you listen.

- Scott Terry


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  1. Lorie Lawson says:

    I am hooked on Red Wanting Blue. I love the music and going to their concerts is fantastic Thanks guys!!!

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