These Magnificent Miles: On the Long Road With Red Wanting Blue

ABOUT red wanting blue

Red Wanting Blue has been called the hardest working rock band in America. This isn’t surprising considering front-man Scott Terry’s decade-long dedication to the road. His songs about its trials, sung in a remarkable radio-ready baritone, are backed by his expert band’s shimmering new-classic rock sound. Twelve of these tunes comprise this Columbus, Ohio-based band’s first official label release. These Magnificent Miles was written on the road and is about life on the road. Produced by Jamie Candiloro (Ryan Adams, Willie Nelson, REM) in Columbus and mixed in Los Angeles, the album captures the feel and sound of Red Wanting Blue live — an addictive experience that has earned the band a loyal following which stomps, cheers and sings along. It’s an album for all of the musicians who live this way of life and it lifts the veil on what it means to be an underdog in a touring rock band.

“There is a romance to this circus life,” Terry says. “With a little luck, and a lot of support from the greatest fans a band could have, we hope to ride this open road like a hammer into history.”

Red Wanting Blue



"Red Wanting Blue is probably the best underground independent rock band in the United States of America. The songs are all sing-a-long solid and have some of the best lyrics this side of the Mississippi... Red Wanting Blue puts on an eclectic and very entertaining live show." - Hard Rock Haven, Matthew Hoffman

"Red Wanting Blue's live disc might be the best new album of the year. It is one of those surprises that restores your faith in new music. The smartly adept and deeply thoughtful songs are given an amazing array of textures courtesy of one of the most impressive - and emotional - vocalists to come along in a long time.” - Score Music Magazine, Paul

"Falling somewhere between The Unforgettable Fire-era U2 and the current recipe that drives Our Lady Peace, Red Wanting Blue is razor-sharp and deft. They embody a commitment to career that many bands only hallucinate about. Two thumbs up, lads!” - Bullzeye Magazine, Red Rocker

"Red Wanting Blue’s passion and energy delineates a powerful live feel. Scott Terry’s powered, Red Wanting Bluefull, meaty voice often seems to echo in the background of RWB’s delicate melodies. When you can hear a band’s live potential on an album, they’ve definitely achieved an important goal,and RWB does this with ease.” - Citizen.TV - Corey J Feldman

"Red Wanting Blue brings nothing but energy and flat out great shows to the stage. Their live performances are all the proof you'll need to become a member of their ever-growing fan base." - Chicago Street Scene, Chris Headley